November 8, 2010

Atta Boy Universe! No, Seriously Thanks

I never had many friends. High school wasn’t that bad for me. Middle school was the hard part. In middle school, we were a little better than the friends you make in bars and lesser than where we cannot share anything. Honestly, I was cynical. I was cynical of friendships, love, humanity and many other things. And although, I was cynical, I cannot ignore that there were greater truths than that of the ones I had perceived.

I went to a big school. Big in the sense where your parents send you because they believe that their children should get the best education. That part was true. But there was and there still is one part which is true as well. Big means big. Rich families, people who could spend 200 bucks in a single go, people who hung out at pizza parlors after school just for the fun of it, and people whose pocket monies ranged no less than two thousand. Gifts were never limited to Happy Birthday cards and teddies, they meant more. They had to be unique just like everyone was. Finding friends in that crowd… it was just hard for me. Beauty and money are things that have never been in my favor. 

So I never found friends in them. Either they were too good for me or I was somehow too less for them. High school came and went by and I continued to be cynical. I don’t know how God works. But tonight, I have a strange feeling that that smart brain had not completely ignored me. Tonight I received a text message from my best friend Soms

Rats you are very sweet! I miss you. To say the truth, I am a lucky person. Take Care. Goodnight J  

Soms and I met in college. We could have hit it right away but we never could find a word throughout our first year. She would sit in the second last bench with her group of friends and I would be on the first bench. We found each other during a college skit competition. Ever since, we have had our rollercoaster ride. She held me together during my breakup. She put the words to my thoughts. Somehow I know I can never fear losing my thoughts with her. We have been friends for five years. When college got over, I moved out that city. Today, she lives 1127 miles away from me. We have been friends ever since only on phone. I do not have a single idea why she sent that message. I also do not have any idea what I should reply. We will talk again tomorrow just like every other time and I know that we would not talk about the text message. We would rather ponder over why men are such dickheads or why Rihanna did not attend Katy Perry’s wedding! Seriously that is a big issue!

Moving on...

I have four IRL friends today. I have written a big post about them but tonight, I feel I am obliged to write something for them. Tonight, I believe that the friends I have found have been worth the wait. The universe has proved itself again. In those random acts of unhappiness and sorrow, it guides you to the place where you belong. Sometimes, it is love, sometimes it is friendship, sometimes it is something bigger, but the universe does make it happen. Atta boy Universe! 

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