November 15, 2010

Remind Me Monday

I want to be reminded today…

That life is beautiful.

That tomorrow the sun will rise again even if this night looks never-ending.

That there are better things than money and falling in love is one among them.

That a bad haircut will probably grow out faster than you think.  

That your math score does not prove you are dumb. Your IQ score does though! That’s what they told me.

That you cannot expect your happiness to be tolerated by everyone.

That death looks better if you have lived.

That forgiving yourself is the best way to start all over again.

That you can dress as much as you like as long as it is for yourself.

That the friend you had the most conflicts will someday become your best friend and your best friend can be… well…

That life never waits for anyone. It is here and now.

That the world would not end in 2012.  

That it is never too late to start again.

That God is there.

That someday you will love again.

That someone secretly looks up to you.

That blogging is so much better than Tweeting.

That food is for your body and not for your tongue.

That money would not matter when global warming takes us all down.

That you and I are in this beautiful world for some reason.

That every word from your mouth stays in the universe.

That you should choose your words carefully. Duh!

That being pleasant is one thing and being smart is another. Harvey knows better.

That there is a list of things you must do before you die.

That every life on this planet should be respected.

That you are not perfect and so am I.

That love and appreciation is what everyone looks for.

That thinking over saying the truth is probably wasting time.

That it is stupid to challenge Nature. Titanic tried.

That Johnny Depp will be handsome even after 20 years.

That switching off the lights is still the cheapest way to save energy.

That it is better to be pleasant to certain people. You know they can come back to haunt. You know whom I am talking about.

That there are millions of children dying without food. Enjoy your broccoli.

 That laughter is the best medicine.

That someday we will laugh at the times we cried and cry for the times we had laughed.

That twenty years later, you would have forgotten the fights with your siblings.

That the worst death is not by coming under a train, or by falling off a cliff, it is dying alone.

That alcohol and smoking do not add up to being cool.

That heaven and hell are on this Earth.

That together you and I can make this world a better place.

That someday all men will have bald heads and all women will have sagging breasts. That is the rule of Nature.

That there is only one Monday in a week. Be grateful.

That someday, we can all retire and live in the place we dreamt as a kid.

That a******* will be a******** no matter how hard we try.

That sisters are still the best team.

That self-pity takes you nowhere.

That miracles are happening all the time. Remember Bruce Almighty.

That geeks rule the world. Bill Gates, Mark Zukerberg, Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein… you want more?

That working out helps as long as it is fun.

That smiling may not make things better but still it is a start.

That the magic of Disney will never end.

That somehow fairy tales will always be a part of the world.

That this is already a long list.

Have a great week. J 

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