November 12, 2010

TRDC Meme: The Soul's Light Burnt

This week’s prompt from the Red Dress Club includes picture prompts. I decided to take the following picture as the inspiration for this poem or whatever you want to call it. Hope you enjoy it. Have a great weekend, my dearies. 

I am not stable, my mind wanders,
Like the ripples on the sea waters,
The thoughts are strong in me,
They are there to guide,
And make me what I want to be,
I wilfully ignore them,
For I’ll lose who I am,
A loss so big that I cannot stand,
And say that I have lived.

My dreams trouble me,
I cannot link a meaning,
I move and move,
But there’s nothing I can prove,
To anyone or to myself,
Forgetting how I felt,
On winning.

Time flies as according,
Ripping me apart,
Questioning my upbringing,
Throwing me in the dirt,
What I am, what I was,
I have no time for such thoughts,
My mind has landed itself in a drought,
A place where there is nothing,
To learn or to see,
I might black out eventually.
My dignity fades with my identity,
I see the world,
But it appears empty,
I am a warrior on a rescue mission,
But the source is lost and forgotten,
The mistakes of a dreamy past,
Try their best to last,

But the path had been chosen,
A long long time before,
Before there were dreams in my memory,
I hold onto the lessons that I had learnt,
And to my soul’s light that I had burnt.  

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