March 31, 2010

Anyone GEEK there?

Hi there my Geeky friend.

See. Period. I say the word ‘G’ with great respect OKAY! I could scream ‘You guys rock’.

So, considering my immense respect for you, I’ll be gratified if you could answer a few questions. I am desperate to get my head start to think like you.

My first question is ‘What do you see when I show you this?’

March 30, 2010

No Ends to My Dreams

Just so you know, like everyone else, I have a million small and big dreams and I hope that I could live through most of them. These are my long- term goals. Some of them may seem odd but hey! You don’t have to justify your dreams, right?

         Adopt- Coz I can’t see myself without my baby girl.

Be a Good Mommy- Coz there’s nothing like a bad mommy…

Do More Self- Esteem Workshops- Coz ever gal deserves to know she’s beautiful.

Live My Life- Coz, honestly, I have been dragging myself through it.

Maintain a Journal for My Daughter- So, she knows how much of a weirdo her mother was.

Take up Dancing and Singing- Coz I am myself when I sing and dance. 

Get a Tattoo- Just a twenty- something's fanatsy.

Get Red HighLights- Coz I know I’ll look good in them.

Learn a European Language- So I can say stupid things with a European accent.

Learn Swimming- Push me in a swimming pool and see for yourself. I cant swim.

Learn Guitar- I play so bad, I’ll break a string and still ask ‘Do I play good?’

Be in my Sensei's best 7- Coz the first six are already taken.

Get Shakira's Abs- Coz I like hers’.

Create My Own Blog Template- That is just to make the list even. I am never gonna be able to do that!

Take up Mountain Climbing- So I can never have that idea again.

Buy a SUV- To go on long drives in rain on a coast road. You get the picture, right?

Buy a Jacuzzi- To get my crazy nerves back to normal.

Climb Mt. Everest- And scream 'I did it! I did it! I am the 10, 523th one and I did it'.

Have stuffed pizza from Giordanos, Chicago- To satisfy my mind- numbing, pizza craving stomach.

Make a Movie with My Sister- Because we have done everything else. So, let’s put our money and take the dive like the money does.

Work with DOVE- To get free samples. Seriously, coz they have the Campaign for Real Beauty.

Go on a Cruise- To show off my money and sing 'All the Single Ladies'.

Be a Regular Blood Donor- Coz if it is important for me, it’ll be important for someone too.

Become UN's Representative- Coz every child deserves a smile. 

What’s not to like?

My last post has got the attention of many people and I write this post to justify my stance that I like snakes…I don’t go around hugging and kissing them (I'm not that insane) whereever I find them and giving them nick- names. In fact the last time I saw a snake I froze, I admit, but only 10% coz I didn’t know what to do and 90% coz it was beautiful. Of course they can be a bit crawly sometimes but otherwise, they rock!

I mean I know I am a bit of a weirdo but c’ mon peeps! give it a try… what’s not to like?

March 29, 2010

10 things I thought, You should know about me…

I love snakes. I know it is weird but I just love them- their skin, the way they crawl, their fangs, their heat- sensing pit, their scales and their intellisense. I think they are cool.

I can’t stand uncertainty and negative thoughts. I try to stay away from such elements.

I believe in love but I think I am too cynical to be in it. I could never see myself marrying. Amen!
I do not have a standard hand- writing, I think I can copy a lot of ‘em. Only if they are good, of course.

This one is serious. I’ll adopt one day and I’ll name my baby girl, Zest. All you mumma bloggers freak me out, sometimes. But I think I’ll still give it a shot.

I have a towel for a blankie version and I call it ‘Towie’ and I sleep with it. I know I am a complete weirdo. Many of you will stop following me, I guess!

I sucked at Physics and Maths in my school years. Just to get the load off- I flunked them too.

I am a gadget freak, too. I love new technology… It just drives me crazy… Aaaahoooooooo…

I have a thing for 40+ men with French beards except Brad Pitt. Don’t know why but I think they are my 'head- turners'.

I think I have a big nose and of getting a nose job done and I think of it even now. But I don’t think I’ll do it.

P.S. After some of these revelations, I still hope that you’ll love me. Just prove that coz I am cynical.

March 28, 2010

I choose...

My books are surrounding my identity,
I think deep, searching for myself with sympathy,
Where I am heading towards, answers my confusion,
What I am aiming at keeps eluding my notion.

March 27, 2010

I Am Sorry…

I feel guilt ridden and so pathetic.

I have been ignoring one of my not- so- good- friends- friend lately. I can’t even wait to hear her out. I just have to be a hypocrite and I feel disgusted with myself. Though my history with her is not good but sure that does not give me enough reason to be a b****. If nothing else, I know I should atleast hear her out.

March 26, 2010

It Drives Me Crazy...

I won’t lie…

I like the idea of studying. It is knowledge- enriching, gives new dimensions to think, gives a nerdish (no offense) look. But, honestly, it is the actual *studying part* that pisses me off and stoking BAD!!! (pulls hair)

I am Bio- Informatics major and the last time I gave it a try…

‘From a multiple alignment of three or more protein sequences, the highly specified residues that define structural and functional domains in the protein families can be identified. New members of such families can then be found be searching sequence databases for other sequences with these domains. For many genes a database search will reveal a whole number of homologous sequences. One the wishes to learn about the evolution and the sequence conservation in such a group. This question surpasses what can reasonably be achieved by the sequence comparison methods described in the previous sections. Pairwise comparisons do not readily show possibilities that are conserved among a whole set of sequences and tend to miss subtle similarities that become visible when observed simultaneously among many sequences. Thus one wants to simultaneously compare several sequences…… Blah Blah blah... Blah Blah Blah... Blah...'

‘Okay! You understood something?’

‘YOU DID!!!!’

Murmurs… ‘SHOWOFF’

‘Okay! Those who didn’t understand?? Anyone??’

Murmurs… ‘Phew…’

‘It’s okay! Neither did I.’ 

*Image Source: Google Images

I’m Feeling Grateful…

People who have made me realise certain things that I’ll remember throughout my life…

Oprah: For making me put my thoughts into words.

John Cena: For never giving up. 

Ashton Kutcher: For teaching me not to play by rules. 

Rahul Dravid: For teaching me silent perseverance.

Michael Jackson: For making me realise that my childhood tragedies should not become an excuse for a disturbed present and future.

Angelina Jolie & Sushmita Sen: For Zest.

Dr. Oz: For teaching me that if I love my body, it’ll love me back.

Britanny Murphy: For showing me how to laugh.

Cameron Diaz: For letting me know that it is OKAY to have ugly days.

Charlie’s Angels: For making me believe that when you are in good shape and health, life becomes beautiful. 

Jeff Corwin: For making me love all animals including cockroaches.

Joey from Friends: For making me proud to be a food- addict.

Enough (movie): For telling me ‘I am one of the lucky ones’.

Hannah Montanna: For making me see the ‘Rockstar Me’.

Hilary Duff, Rey Mysterio & Eddie Guerrero: For making me realise that families do matter.

Nature: For making me see the smallest things. 

Katie & Nick: For making me believe that ‘True Love’ exists.

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March 25, 2010

Ignorant assumptions can’t go any farther!

Gosh! I can’t believe I write so bad. I was going back the timeline and reading my older posts and now that I have, I feel ignorant, dumb, moronic and man! Did I write that?

Can’t believe you guys have been following me and still reading…

Well that explains two things for sure:
·             why the number of followers on my blog sucks.
·             and that my current followers are darlings… following me to keep my vanity and my fractured heart. Thank you guys. I love you…

I always thought, I wrote well… my sis says so and so I believed her… only now I realise that she was helping me, from facing the truth. I accept there are some posts that have been written very well but otherwise this blog SUCKS.

Another addition to my already recession- curved self esteem.

The funny side of this all?

Another blog to my name… Ignorant assumptions can’t go any farther!

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March 24, 2010

Just in Case I Forget...

Check out my New Blog: Say With Me

I have always looked upon you since forever,
I love basking myself in every hue of your color, 
I search for names to name the relation we have shared,
I owe you a million, for every moment when I felt cared.

You have walked all the rough, tired roads with me,
You listened to every word I said, without complaining,   
My thoughts are revamped with your elite phrases,
I become an individual in a mix of unknown faces.

It was hard for me to be away from you,
This was something unacquainted and entirely new,
There were myriad of customs to be followed,
And yet, nothing strong enough to get us narrowed.

You have been tolerant with my acts of defiance,
You give me your support with complete assurance,
My darkest secrets have been resurrected with hope, 
My strangest of fears have long back eloped.

The string of faith had been woven with greater faith,
The feelings of anonymity were hidden, of late,
I struggled to the pinnacle in the gushes of guilt,
I found myself hurrying to the sanctum you had built. 

You have grown in front of my eyes,
It amazes me to realise how quickly time flies,
We are nowhere near, to where we were back then,
Yet, your love for me stays warmer as it had been.

And for all those things you have already done,
And all those things you haven't yet begun,
I promise, I'll be always there near you,
Sometimes I don't say, but I'll always love you.

P.S. For my dearest, darling sister… who irritates me a lot these days.

Say With Me…

Hello Blogger Friends…

Check out my new blog… This blog will completely focus on our happy moments from every single day. Because we all need someone to hear out our heart’s wild and crazy moments. Just one single happy moment from you and me should be enough to carry forward the chain…

Click the ‘Say with Me’ icon on the menu bar and start the chain. Post your happy, crazy, fun, wild, precious moments from everyday in the comments box…

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March 23, 2010

I'm in LOVE...

The simplest of things in my life that I want to be grateful about… this post is just about them. I am in love…

·         with the way I have been doing in karate.
·         with the fan in my bedroom.
·         with the new buds in the jasmine plant in my balcony.
·         with playing with the kids from upstairs and being 
      ‘Spider Man’.
·         with sleeping late in the mornings.
·         with writing on my blog.
·         with my sports watch.
·         with my sports shoes.
·         with singing. I enjoy it! and I sing good… trust me!
·         with watching ‘Backyard Science’ on Disney.
·         with my body and the little signs of my workout.
·         with the ringtone of my cellphone.
·         with calling my sister when she’s in college and asking her
      to come home soon.
·         with letting my hair loose and listening to their bounce.
·         with the quotes on my writing desk.
·         with the coffee mug on my PC desk.
·         with the header image of my blog.
·         with the office assistant ‘F1’ of Ms- Word.
·         with my tenth follower. Thank you Nick darling for hearing
      me out.
·         with the music from the wind- chimes in my room.
·         with the nursery rhyme- ‘If you’re happy…’.
·         … more to come…

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March 22, 2010

Of Dark Circles, Heart Burns and Popping Veins

Oh please don’t run away…… It ain’t gross… I just wanted a catchy phrase but didn’t intend you all to run away from me. You see… the thing is I am sleep deprived and BAD... I can’t sleep at night. All I think is about my dear, darling blog. How I love thee? How I would do anything to get your better?

How did you bloggers control the urge to sit and stare at your blog? Being new here has landed me into a state of insane craziness… is that even a phrase? You see what I mean?

Had I put in 50% of this effort into my studies, I would have been doing MBA already… and because I have not I am still preparing my level best to do it, atleast by this year. My parents would have never seen me working so hard on my sums or algebra nor the logical and analytical reasoning questions. And now I am just making them intolerant with my activities which vary between eating, sleeping, blogging and blogging, eating and sleeping… That vein popping on my dad’s head is gonna take me down one day!

If only I could limit myself… though even with blogging I have been able to learn something
·        Counting the no. of followers which still sucks at an all time low at 9. Pleeeeeeeeeaaaseeeeee follow my blog dear people, I am desperate.
·         Modifying the HTML code has made me realise that I still remember my computer course. Thank goodness. My dad’s gonna be so happy!
·         Blogging has helped me make good friends and I feel I am global…
·         Blogging has helped me write things without a face. Atleast before! Did you check out my photo? How do I look? Say I am nice…
·         And …

Shucks… the popping vein has spoken… I better stop now…

P.S: Follow m……… (Incoming)

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March 20, 2010

They are the Ones...

I made best friends very late. Well you can say I was a loser… but I was more of this shy and sober girl… Attitude! I pushed through middle school without good friends and with my attitude; I just brushed it off without linking enough credit to friendship. High school was when I shut myself from everyone else. I almost didn’t care how the world went. I just knew, I had to be otherwise. I got friends with whom I couldn’t share anything with them coz they didn’t have my life. We used to talk, sit together, have lunch together and study together and that was my definition of friendship then. It was only in my high school years that my sister and I became close and for that I would thank Oprah. How and why?

Well let me just assure you all that it is…

Then I went off to college and it was then that things around me changed drastically… i had more than a 100 numbers on my cell phone address book but not even one whom I could call to get some words of comfort. The one person I could go back to was my sister but how long can a phone call go on, right? And the one girl I could relate something with in college was also the one I could not tolerate… you see, we both have an enormous amount of ego and attitude…  

Fast forward…


Today I am blessed with the best of friends. Those few people whom I have mentioned above have turned out to be the ones I know I would carry on with…

·         They are ones who would accept me even when I haven’t taken a shower or in my ugliest look, or even when I am angry or sad or done something evil.
·         They are the ones whom I could scold for not making a phone call or for wishing me late on my birthday.
·         They are the ones I could proudly bring home at any time of the day without having to worry that my house doesn’t look presentable or there’s nothing to eat.

The friend with the ego and attitude is my best friend after my sister. When we start talking, boy o’ boy, there has got to be someone to make us stop. It is more than just the attitude and the ego that we have shed. We have shed the veil of opacity from our lives.

·         They are the ones treating my sister like their own.
·         They are the ones to whom I could bring my most difficult thoughts into words and my most feared insecurities without a feeling of shame.
·         They are the ones with whom I could eat like a glutton and proudly declare my good appetite. 
·         They are the ones who’ll write ‘love you’ at the end of some 
      big, stupid text message.
·         They are the ones with whom I can talk about my plans.
·         They’ll be the ones who will send a Good Morning text even 
      before the morning.
·         They’ll the ones who I could ask to follow my blog and threaten the next time, if they still haven’t.
·        They’ll be the ones my parents won’t scold me for talking 
      so long.
·         They are the ones my phone’s address book is filled 
      with now.
·         They’ll be the ones who would call me to tell me they are eating some good dessert to annoy me.
·         They would be the ones I would accept seeing me cry.
·         They are the ones with whom I laugh my heart out.
·         They are the ones with whom I could be stupid.
·         They are the ones with whom my bad hair becomes a new
·         They are the ones to whom I make one minute call just to 
      say Hello.
·         They are the ones who keep on asking me ‘When will you 
      get your black belt?’
·         They are the ones with whom I be myself.

To my Sis, Neha, Parthika and Soms- my best friends. You guys have changed my life and just so you don’t forget, remember I have too! ha ha ha…
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