December 29, 2011

No Setting

Gradually, this year comes to an end.

Silently peeping into the possibilities of a better life, of being a better person. I am in awe of how we have been together, walking along, holding hands.

We have faced a lot. We have cried into our pillows for someone else's suffering, we have cheered a team unknown to us before, we have lived lives like this is it, we have mourned, we have laughed, we have cuddled, we have loved, we have tweeted, we have pinged, we have dined, we have munched, we have danced, we have become kids again. 

As this year ends, it does not stop us. It brings us to the curb where new adventures begin, where we get a chance to walk together again. 

Salsa-ying into the horizon.

This year was better than the last and the next year will be better even.

We are here in this moment. Remembering what happened to all of us, remembering what things need to be forgotten once and for all.

We are here listening. Listening to the sounds of life happening, listening to the sounds of drums of freedom.

We are here. 

The night slips slowly, counting in ticks. Tomorrow, we will begin again as we always have. 

That's our gift.

2012: The Year of No Setting. 

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