September 23, 2011


It happens all around the world. 

The busyness of daily life overtaking things which were once a priority. 

I come back to this place in the interims of the night, trying to devour on the words that i had let out... the thoughts that once constituted within me... making me. 


Everything happening around me is new. 

A new outlook at work.

A new special someone.

A new life. 

A new niece :)

And, just feeling new. 

Everything is feeling special. Just yesterday, i was crazy angry, disliking everything coming my way because changes made me cranky. I was waking late, working late, and getting nothing. 

Plain void. 

Today, i was traveling in the metro thinking of the things that have been happening no matter how late i am, no matter how hard i am on myself. 

The dedication of my dad. 

The meticulousness of my mom. 

The silliness/ sunshine of my sister.

The easy going friends.

The getting-to-know-better colleagues.

The baby silently growing, grasping everything about this world.

The special friend- the lone light on a dark street. 

The changes in my body.

The successes which i overlooked before. 

Colbie Caillat.

And, when all of this dawned on me, i smiled. 

Among the hundreds of faces, i was smiling. It felt good. It felt better.

The sun didn't bother much then. And, neither did the work. 

Today is a better day. 

A new kind of new.

September 11, 2011

Parallel Life

And, life begins again... 

Sun rays streamed through the clouds.

As far as i could see, there are people. People standing, people sitting, people staring, people sleeping, people talking, people, people, people.

We are always reaching somewhere. We are always leaving from somewhere. And, if it is not that, we are always going.

I have been away- miles away from this city that i have come to see in a newer light. Which is why it is amazing that i did not miss this place when i was away. I did not miss its fast life, i did not miss its lights, its noises... it was but a blur in the life that i led for the past ten days.

I remember not having the time to think of anything. I remember not having the time to feel bad. I remember not having the focus on anything else but the present.

That is where i was. In a place of focus, in a place of now, in the place of present.

Everywhere i went, i was followed with a siren of silence. It rushed to my ears like a mellifluous instrument playing nonchalantly. And, i flew with it, silently, poetically.

I don't know what i miss more- the silence or the attempt at being silent.

I see myself in that place. I see myself living there. And, i see myself setting myself free from all my inhibitions, all my fears, and my sadness.

There, in that place, i will live again. I will be born again to be happier, more patient, more calm.

In that place, i will believe. I will be slow and i will learn the essence of having time at your hands. Always.


Simple Life

I miss that person, that i was. In the ten days, i know i could have lived better. 

It was a parallel life. Less similar to the life that a city offers. It is different when you sleep without a worry about tomorrow. It is different when all you need is your belief to keep you going. 

Life is so strange. A few years back, i would not have thought of actually living somewhere like this, of knowing anything better than a city, of knowing that time can stop...

And, today i know that there are indeed blue skies... there is indeed ocean of grass circling your feet, and that somewhere in that place you will find your true, happy self, if you give it a chance.

I will go back there someday.

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