December 30, 2011

All This Work

If you trigger me, i will cry.

That is how i have come to become. As i sit here, surrounded by loons of a whole new level, i have come to realize what i have been lacking, what we have been lacking.

I want to get out because i don't know what is there in a picture. What is there in being in a picture! It is something i cannot understand. We are working for children, we are working so they can get a chance at a better future. 
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This project is something that i strongly believe in. This project is close to me by all means, i have been here for quite some time and this time has given me, exposed me to the truth that gets cloaked in civilization, in richness, and in the world.

So, what have we been doing. We have been busy with everything other than our children. I remember the time when i wanted to take pictures because the children were doing something, enjoying something... now, i don't find it, i don't find the passion for it. Everything becomes just a part of work- the fun, the children, and the project. 

And, all the ease, all the love gets drenched in good ol' work. 

I don't even know whether i am conveying the right thing. It is just that we haven't done anything life-changing for a child. Nothing. 

And, it is sad. It is sad to know that there are people ready to plaster their faces in pictures when this project is for the children. 

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It does not always need to be about work. Not always professional. 

Work can be something emotional. If i see a parent tearing up for her child, cannot i cry with her? If i hear a mother tell about her hardship, cannot i cry?

What's work got to do with it!! What's work got to do with humanity!!

I cannot understand what they are trying to preach me, because it is something away from me...

I am professional but my work is not meant to be. 

It is an emotional work, it is something that will make me feel happy, sad, exalted, quiet, and emotional. 

It is something that makes me know what being a human means. 

And, for me, that is enough.

December 29, 2011

No Setting

Gradually, this year comes to an end.

Silently peeping into the possibilities of a better life, of being a better person. I am in awe of how we have been together, walking along, holding hands.

We have faced a lot. We have cried into our pillows for someone else's suffering, we have cheered a team unknown to us before, we have lived lives like this is it, we have mourned, we have laughed, we have cuddled, we have loved, we have tweeted, we have pinged, we have dined, we have munched, we have danced, we have become kids again. 

As this year ends, it does not stop us. It brings us to the curb where new adventures begin, where we get a chance to walk together again. 

Salsa-ying into the horizon.

This year was better than the last and the next year will be better even.

We are here in this moment. Remembering what happened to all of us, remembering what things need to be forgotten once and for all.

We are here listening. Listening to the sounds of life happening, listening to the sounds of drums of freedom.

We are here. 

The night slips slowly, counting in ticks. Tomorrow, we will begin again as we always have. 

That's our gift.

2012: The Year of No Setting. 

December 19, 2011

Happy Winter

It is getting awfully cold.


I have always liked winters. The scents so unique to this season, the blast of cold air silencing every trouble on the within. Then, there is Christmas. 

Somehow, as the year comes to an end, as the promise of a new year appears, you try your best to live better. You sit on your chair, near the window and look at the world.

So serene. So white. Without the snow. 

You see the trees, swinging in the brittle cold wind, swishing, swishing, swishing. You see the dew drops, waiting for the sun to unveil them.

Working in harmony...

It is love. Love which seeks warmth after walking down the wet street, the dripping noses, the faint smile of acknowledging the even cold, the commonness of a season.

It is beautiful.

It stays for sometime- the winter... unlike the summer which stretches from the spring and borrows the few moments of autumn. Winter is special.

Winter is white. Winter is peace. Winter is knowledge.

Winter is promise.

Winter is warm cup of  steaming tea. Winter is colored scarves.

Winter is the smell of moisturizer that never fades away.

Winter is smile.

Happy winters. 

December 11, 2011

My Best Friend's Wedding

My best friend is getting married. 

It is kinda strange. And, the groom is a stranger too. That's the funny part. Because this whole thing looks so funny. 

We are three friends in this group. My other friend, my best friend, and me. 

And, for some strong reason, i used to think, that my other friend would be the first one to get married, then my best friend, and then me. Now, it looks otherwise. And, it looks scary. 

I just got off the phone with her. And, she sounds like she has made her mind up, like she is positive about all this. But, i know deep within, she has butterflies dancing in her gut. 

She has always been brave, the confident one. And, she has been there for me all the time.

I have jitters torturing me as well. But, i have realized that i need to support her even if i don't like this.

Besides, i have already told her that i don't like this one bit. But, i will support her, stand by her, and be there.

I suddenly find her so grown up, so much more confident, and so much more clear in what she is doing. 

I wish her all my best wishes. 

Look how life turns out. 

So, next April, i will have another of my friends married off to far far lands, slipping away slowly. 

Dramatic! Tell me about it.

oh God! Be with her. 

That's my only wish.

What have i learnt from this? That i will stand guard to my dreams. I will respect my dreams and let them take care of me.