December 16, 2012


As the year ends, I come back to this place without pretensions. 

I had left this space to the inevitable minute-less hours that have been stolen away from me when school began. There have been endless moments of love, sadness, gain, losses, happiness. I have felt blessed, I have felt disheartened. 

I have felt complete, I have felt lonely.

I have felt successful, I have felt like a failure.

It has been complete- a full circle. 

As I write today, I am surrounded by the knowledge that I am walking away from something that I should have fought for. I am aware of the sounds that surround me, the little ticks and tocks, the growing pile of books that I should start with in these holidays. I am aware of the boundless love that I am capable of. I am aware of the hurt that I am capable of rendering onto others. 

I am aware of the need to trim down my expenses, focus a little more on my school work, learn about the ways I need to expand my horizons.

I am aware of the hearts breaking. 

I am aware of how this city that I had come to love and breathe in, how I am getting detached from it. 

I am aware of how neglected I have become. 

I am aware of the kind of person I am becoming, thanking in my heart the very people because of whom this has been possible.

I am aware that I don't have many answers right now. 

But, I am also aware that I have always found my answers. 

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  1. Dear friend: I can see life has given you lots of challenges lately, chose to learn from it and let it make you stronger.